Our Strength


Safe Steel’s workshop in Chitwan is well equipped with state of art plant, machineries and tools-equipments. It extends over total built up area of 1500 sq. m for fabrication workshop and 5000 sq. m of material stacking and handling yard. The fabrication facility at Safe Steel features punching and drilling equipments, gas cutting and shearing arrangements, grinders, plate bending machines, lathe machines, hydraulic press machines, heavy duty welding machines, EOT cranes, winch machines, compressors, 300 KVA power backup. All machines are in good condition and are available in sufficient quantity to execute upto 2500MT of fabrication work per year within the factory premises.

Galvanization Unit

Our strategy is to give single door services to our valuable customers. Separate galvanization unit with latest technology is installed in our factory premises. Our galvanization unit occupies 800 square meter built up area. The plant is well functioning with largest Zinc Vat size (8.0m long). The plant at Safe Steels has capacity to galvanize 5000 mt of steels per year. We are adopting latest semi automated technology for quality control and operation of the GI plant.

Errection & Installation

Human Resources

The company is headed by Er. Arna Raj Silwal, Masters in Structural Engineering with more than 15 years of experience. A dedicated team, comprising of Er.Thakur Adhikari as a technical director, Er. Suman Acharya as a quality in-charge, Er. Bharat Chalise and Er. Anil Neupane as logistic support managers and Ranjit Barakoti as administrative director, is reason behind our organizational commitment towards quality and timely delivery of services. In addition to the managerial staffs, we have sufficient numbers of technicians.